Fast and efficient technology for multi-view streaming that gives viewers the tools to watch concerts, gaming, sports, and any live or prerecorded event

Key Features

Intuitive and powerful viewer control

Screen layouts and number of screens are fully customizable

Viewers control what they watch from multiple streams with the swipe of a finger

User-controlled instant replay, including re-watching the play from different angles

Multiple Applications

Simultaneous multi-view streaming has many applications: sports, eSports, concerts, live events, channel programming, education, medical, shopping, etc. – anywhere multiple screens or camera angles are beneficial.



Home Shopping

Concerts/Reality TV



High quality HD and UHD video over low bandwidth (5.5mbps)


Each screen is time-synchronized with the other, so the action happens with no loss of synch due to buffering


Can be watched on any Android or IOS device, with set-top & desktop coming soon


Compatible with all U.S. sports broadcasting standard equipment

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