At AlcaCruz we are building the next level for sports and live event viewing by putting the fan in the director's chair.  

Watch games and tournaments with the power to choose your point-of-view moment-to-moment during a live event.

Rewatch games from different angles from the video archives to see the action you might have missed before.




With MultiView, teams have much more capability to coordinate and strategize together, giving them a strong competitive advantage.


Fans can be even more immersed in events and never miss a moment with coverage from every angle.


Viewers can focus on what is most interesting and relevant to them — from watching a player’s technique to examining a product’s intricate detail.

Simultaneous multi-view streaming has many applications: sports, eSports, concerts, live events, channel programming, education, medical, shopping, etc. – anywhere multiple screens or camera angles are beneficial. Viewers can be even more immersed in the action and never miss a moment with coverage from every angle.







Key Features and Functionality

High quality HD and UHD video over low bandwidth (5.5mbps)

Intuitive and powerful viewer control:

  • Screen layouts and number of screens are fully customizable

  • Viewers control what they watch from multiple streams with the swipe of a finger

  • User-controlled instant replay, including re-watching the play from different angles

Each screen is time-synchronized with the other, so the action happens with no loss of synch due to buffering 

Can be watched on any Android or IOS device, as well as on your desktop browser 


Compatible with all standard broadcasting equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I toggle Quad View and Carousel View and full screen?

Swiping left and right toggles the different views available for a stream.

When in Quad View (all screens are equal size) swipe the screen from left to right to switch to Carousel view where one screen is larger than the others. You can then swipe left to right again to make the main screen full screen or swipe back (right to left) to go back to the previous view.

When you have a single screen that is full screen, you can switch between the other video feeds by swiping up and down.

In Carousel View, how do I make a screen the larger screen?

Tap the video that you would like to enlarge and it will swap with the current screen that is dominant.

In Quad View can I select which screen audio to play?

Yes.  Just tap once on the screen you would like to hear the audio and it will play from that screen.

In full screen, how do I switch cameras?

Swipe up and down.

How do I get back to the main menu?

Tap the film icon in the top right corner of the screen and press the back arrow in the top left corner of the screen.

How do I enlarge a screen to full screen when in portrait mode?

Tap the film icon in the top right corner when in portrait mode, then tap the device rotate icon next to the sound icon that shows over top of the video playback.

How can I stream to CruzTV?

Right now we manage each streamer account on an individual basis.  If you would like to be one of our initial partnered streamers, please contact us at